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I kept quiet on GOFTL for longer than I originally intended, and I hope it wasn't thought that I have given up. I've had a bit of a rest and time for some thoughts on how I can try to move this forward. I don't have the solution by any means, but I have some ideas to keep on trying. So, let's go! #mentalhealthreform #suicide #suicideprevention #suicideinireland #mentalhealth

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I often compare (in my own mind!) the government to a dark cloud, casting a shadow over our country.

Today, though, there was a wonderful ray of light.

Last night I was contacted by someone who was suicidal, and it was being exacerbated by lack of help from the Department of Social Protection. This morning, I contacted the Minister for Social Protection outlining the issue and stressing the immediate need to get things sorted, as this person was at the absolute end of their tether.

A staff member from the DSP quickly stepped up to the mark to help this person out, and they are now no longer at immediate risk.

Myself and this person are so grateful to the staff member, they literally helped to save a life.

I wish to publicly acknowledge this whole matter, to show that it isn't always negative stories that will come out of Gone On For Too Long. Fair play to you, wonderful helper, you will always be remembered for your help

. #hope #goneonfortoolong #suicideinireland #suicideprevention #suicide #mentalhealthreform

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Does anyone have a good knowledge of the process and procedures for granting Disability Allowance, and/or have contact with someone in the Department of Social Protection who can help?
Trying to assist someone who is currently very unwell and having little luck in navigating the intricacies of the system. #pleasehelp #helpneeded #mentalhealth #mentalhealthreform #goneonfortoolong #suicide #suicideprevention

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Yet another headline that doesn't surprise me, or anyone else I would think. After sitting in on the Public Consultation Committee in the Seanad when they were discussing children's mental health, I heard some shocking statistics and stories regarding how our children are being let down. I've posted the videos of the debates on the website, visit the 'In the Dail' section to watch them.

Read the article here: #suicideprevention #suicideinireland #suicide #mentalhealth #mentalhealthreform #childrensmentalhealth #goneonfortoolong

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I haven't given up on the campaign or disappeared, I'm just working to keep my own mental health in check.
That may happen from time to time.
I'm aiming to send out my next round of emails and make updates etc over the weekend.
We can keep up the fight 🌻 (sunflowers are my favourite flowers, you may see them appear every now and again! 😜) #goneonfortoolong #mentalhealth #mentalhealthreform #suicide #suicideinireland #suicideprevention #mindyourself

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Maybe we don't need a new strategy, Jim, but we certainly need to pull the finger out and get a lot more active on implementing the current (10 year old) strategy, eh?

#getamoveon #goneonfortoolong #suicide #suicideprevention #suicideinireland #mentalhealth #mentalhealthreform

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A bit grim, but it needs to be highlighted. Road deaths need to be reduced, and it's great that this issue is getting coverage. Suicide rates need to be reduced also. Who is with me on pushing for change? We need normal, everyday citizens who are sick and tired of people dying and people not getting proper help and treatment to get involved. Is that you? #goneonfortoolong #mentalhealth #suicideinireland #suicide #suicideprevention

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The sorry state of mental health care in Ireland. Please share this image. Visit the website. Get involved. We need to voice our discontent and change this.

Thanks to Zou Studio for turning my scribbles into something coherent!

#goneonfortoolong #mentalhealthreform #mentalhealth #suicide #suicideprevention #suicideinireland

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Top picture - when your creative mind is leaps and bounds ahead of your artistic abilities, this sort of stick man drawing is what happens.

Bottom picture - when you know some sound folks (check out Zou Studio) who are willing to help you bring your concept alive, this is the result!

I thought that a graphic could be a good way of provoking interest and thought into the issue and get people involved in the campaign.

My friend Stephen and his girlfriend Laura, both of Zou Studio, offered to help out.

Just waiting on a couple of final tweaks, then I'll be pushing out the image to try and get it far and wide! #mentalhealth #suicideprevention #suicideinireland #suicide #goneonfortoolong #mentalhealthreform

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