Political Party Views on Mental Health

Here you can find position papers and other information regarding the stance of the various political parties and independents on mental health in Ireland.

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Anti-Austerity Alliance


Published: Unknown


Fine Gael/Current Government

Connecting for Life – Ireland’s National Strategy to Reduce Suicide 2015-2020


Fianna Fáil

Improving Mental Health – An Ireland for All

Published: January 2016


Promoting Positive Youth Mental Health

Published: Unknown


Green Party

Mental Health Policy

Published: October 2015


Labour Party

Better Mental Health – Labour’s plan for improving access to mental health services

Published: February 2016


People Before Profit

Healthcare Policy

Published: Unknown


 Sinn Fein

Better4Health – A Sinn Féin Plan for Universal Healthcare

Published: May 2017

Specific pages: 11, 64, 65



The Situation 10 Years Ago

A Vision for Change – Report of the Expert Group on Mental Health Policy