Mental Health Cuts

Here is a rudimentary timeline of cuts to mental health care in Ireland over the last few years, as well as facts, figures, and failings.


If there is anything that is inaccurate or missing, please contact me and I will update.


~ Each piece in the timeline can be clicked on to bring you to the article/report online where I found the information. ~



26.06.17 – Suicidal children and adolescents getting no help


21.06.17 – Nine month+ delay to restoring 24/7 psychiatric services in Navan and Ardee 


21.06.17 – Homeless people with mental health problems having a hard time accessing help 


19.06.17 – Ireland has 4th highest rate of teen suicide in the EU: United Nations report 


17.06.17 – Reports come out that a teenager spent two weeks in an adult psychiatric facility 

Click here to read why I think this is not appropriate care for our youngsters


12.06.17 – Report comes out that girl thinks she is going for a termination, ends up in psychiatric unit


30.05.17 – HSE does not record statistics of people dying by suicide in hospital or immediately after discharge


26.05.17 – 11 beds (50% of total capacity) closed in children’s mental health facility due to staff shortages 









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