Mental Health in Leinster House

Here, you can see what’s been happening in the Dail and Seanad.




In late June/early July, the Seanad Public Consultation Committee held consultations with various stakeholder groups about children’s mental health services in Ireland.


June 29th
  • ~ User Experiences
  • ~ Advocacy/Service Providers
July 6th
  • ~ Professional Bodies/Clinicians
  • ~ State/Official Bodies
June 29th
Read the transcript by clicking here, or watch the recording below



July 6th
Watch the recording below (I will upload the transcript once it becomes available)








Click on the titles below to bring you to the various bills and amendments that have been up for debate in the last 10 years.


Mental Health Bill 2008



Mental Health (Amendment) Bill 2008



Mental Health (Anti-Discrimination) Bill 2013



Mental Health (Amendment) Bill 2016



Mental Health (Amendment)(No. 2) Bill 2017