If You Have Lost a Loved One

Send me the name of the person you have lost, and their county.


Also the month and year that you lost them.


Humanise your loved one, so that our government can no longer see them as a statistic, but as a real person that has been lost. A person that they can no longer ignore, even though they are not here anymore.




*Please note that I am very conscious of making sure that this website does not glorify suicide in any way. I am using the Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide document (click here to view) from the Samaritans as a reference. Any stories about loved ones that are sent in I will be leaving in the format/way that they are written so that they are as authentic as possible, but please be advised that I will be taking out any references as to how the person died, and the specific date of death, or anything else that goes against the guidelines set out by the Samaritans. Feel free to include the month and year that you lost your loved one, but not the exact date.*