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In Ireland, we are continuously losing so many people – young and old – to suicide.

The statistics about suicide in our country are almost beyond belief, and totally overwhelming.


We are also not taking care of those who are in desperate need of mental health care on the public health system. The statistics about waiting times for services are truly shocking and disheartening.


 But behind these statistics are real people. Our children, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins. Friends. Real people, whom we have loved, and we have lost. Real people, who are at their wits end.


 In some cases, our government failed our loved ones.

And they are still failing many people currently suffering from mental health problems.

People who are not getting the care that they deserve.


By telling the stories of our loved ones and of ourselves, we can put real names and faces to the statistics.

Maybe then, our government will finally listen to our pleas for change.

This has gone on for too long.


*If you are currently in distress and/or suicidal, please click here*